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What is your national background?

I am 100% PuertoRican, both of my parents were born in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. My mother was brought to Chicago as a child to have a better life.

Do you feel that being a PuertoRican women and making music in the hip hop world is even more difficult?

Its definitely not easy, What is ever easy in this life? Nothing is ever easy, we need to work despite your nationality or sex. Usually Hip Hop you see these tough men rapping and sounding all strong. I feel that the majority was African American men but, now things are changing up a bit! I see a lot of female rappers/hip hop singers that are coming up showing that we are good enough too. I see it as, If you want it, show the world that you got it! Despite your sex and nationality!

Who is your favorite female hip hop singer or rapper?

I love Eve, Loren Hill, Missy Elliott

 Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the Humboldt Park community in Chicago.

How was it like as a child in the Humboldt Park Community?

Me and my siblings had a rough childhood. My mother was the only one in our lives. It was 4 of us, She was very overprotected but it was understandable. Humboldt park is now getting better but, back in the days you will hear gun shots even in broad daylight. I remember my mother yelling at me to stay away from the windows.

Has living in that community affect the way you make music?

I love the Humboldt Park community, because of it I am tough, I don't let no one mess with me. I had to learn how to work! By seeing/helping my mother in the house. I wouldn't change a thing about my past at all! If you don't go through hardship I feel you wouldn't appreciate the good. I now make positive music, bringing positive messages, through the trials that I have faced in life, This world is full of negativity we need to spread our light in this world. I am proud to be a PuertoRican women that has been raised in the Humboldt Park community.

Why make music?

I have been singing in churches since 5 years old, I have this fire within me to make positive music since I was 5 years old. I remember one day telling my beautiful mother while she was driving in her car that I was going to make music for God one day. I was around 7 or 8 years old. I have seen what God has done for me and my family, why Can't I use the talent and passion that I have to glorify him? 

I am Proud of...

Being PuertoRican
Being a Christian
Being A Women